Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two beauties without face

Good afternoon.
It was really a busy day yesterday.
We had to prepare classroom for oral part of graduation.
Good luck to all my seniors who has three days of examining in front of them!
I'm sure you will do well.
Well, also I went for a long walk with my boyfriend.
I rather won't count how many kilometres we did.
But we met with my good friend and we had an awesome day.
We watched motocross and I was also forced to swing one little kid....and thanks to that he didn't have teeth I understood nothing...
So I always just nodded and I tried to seem that I agreed with him deeply.
Well and also there was a little girl who was staring at me.
Believe me you haven't seen anything scarier. It reminded me the Grudge...with one difference...
that girl was a blond.
Well, I'm going to end this article because I'm at my grand aunt place so I'm going to help her
And also here's a photo from yesterday which was taken by my boyfriend.

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