Monday, May 28, 2012

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.

Good evening my beloved readers.
Another week has started and something is telling me it will be and long week.
And that brought me to do some thinking....
About friendship...
About that how life is unfair...
About the reason why I've turned to living zombie (because of my insomnia)

And recently I really miss someone with who I can talk honestly with...because I need my bestfriend here...
Well recently everything was hard because I'm thinking a lot and life is getting harder when so many ideas overflow your poor head.
To be honest this was supposed to be a deep article...but my plans changes...because my step-father and his friend can't be slowlier and I here every single word here so I can't properly think thanks to my headache.

And I totally forgot what was that I wanted to I guess I will let it be.
But I just want to tell thanks to all people who support me in my dream to become a model.
To be honest I've started to work on my body properly and I'm taking care of my face too so I thought that I could set some blog as diary...for what I did for my health and so on. But this one still will be one for my deep thoughts.

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