Monday, May 21, 2012

Ayra's face in many ways

A noisy day behind me...
Well my head hurts...
And sun was pretty hot...
but I had an amazing day.
And also my leg still hurts because of my yesterday's cramp.
Actually yesterday I woke up because of cramp in my leg and it's still not gone. So walking is kinda hard for me now ....that means I rather used bicycle today :D
Even though during the morning I had appointements with doctors so it took a lot of time...
but after that turned to a better angle.
I took some photos when I got back home...
and after it I decided to watch my boyfriend.
If I find some free time tomorrow I will write here about graduation at our school :)
Everywhere it's different after all and tomorrow I have some kind of duty
from Slovak Language- 12,00 to 15,00 and English from 17,00 to 18,30.
It looks like a pretty long day right?
well...enough of my senseless talking (today it's really senseless I should rather write reflection it makes more sense.)
So good night everyone and here you have

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