Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool.

So I'm here again.
And now with more reasonable article.
I was inspired to write this thanks to one girl on tumblr.

What is the trust?
And who can you trust to?
Can we believe to everything what people tell us?
The answer is easily ...no.
Many people are working in that kind of industry where...if they want to earn some money they have to deceive people.It happens everywhere but at least we can avoid it....if we're paying attention on what's going on around us...
People are always trying to look like someone else.
One of my classmates used to ...and she is still doing it...copy me.
I really hated it but I was silent. I didn't say single word...
and when I was in our library because of competition...she said...
"I want to study translating and interpretation." what is specialization which I want to study.
"Oh really? What a coincidence. I also want to study it."
"You copy cat...I wanted to study it first." said she.
"Oh, really, don't tell me. I want to study it for at least 4 month or so."
she looked down and then she started telling to everyone.
"I'm going in her footprint. At first I wanted to study psychology...and now I want to study translating and interpretation."
And now?
She's always trying to be better than me in everything. She's copying my words...and then she's trying to look like...ah i did nothing wrong...don't look at me with that look of yours.
But what is the most sick about this....is that thing that she still considers herself as my friend.

It really makes me sad just to look about it...people should be unique...original...but please you're doing the worst thing you can....stop deceiving yourself...it will be painful when you bumb into the true.

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