Thursday, March 1, 2012

We were born to be...

Well it was a long day and my brain just refused to stop...
So...Today I did a lot of thinking. About what?
We're living beings. We were born to be.
But our whole life we're just under a big stress and pressure.We don't even have enough of time to breath.

Personally, I would like to find a place where can I relax. I always thought it's my room...
but recently I feel some kind of anxiety when I'm here.

We were born to talk with people...
Even though when we're feeling lonely we keep it for ourselves and we don't say a thing to anyone.
Is this a right way how to solve problem of this age?

I don't think so.
We're hiding in front of reality because we're just too scared of being discovered.

Me too. I'm the same.
Always locked in my room. I'm trying to avoid depression.
I think that we should take all of our courrage and we should face our problems.
Well easy to say but hard to do.

What do you think? The way how we it good or not?

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