Sunday, March 4, 2012

“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.”

Everyone lies...
It doesn't matter if it's a white little lie...for others...
or just to cover our own back.

Do you lie? How many lies are you able to create during one day?
Imagine it. What if your nose would grow because of your every lie.

Try to empathize with Pinocchio. Would you be able to manage a life like this? Everyone could tell when you make up something what did not happen. Everone would know how honest are you with them....

This could bring people to hate you...or it could force you to dislike people.

Telepathy, growing nose...,lie detector , anything what would help you to expose a's better to let it hidden.

The world is not the best place but it would be even worse...if we knew that people are not sincere with us. We're the ones who should control how much we lie...and it's up to us if we want to see deceits of the others.

But we should know that the biggest liar is the life. It's always deceiving us and it's hidding lots of things from us so we have to find out by ouverselves.....

But I will give you little advice. Don't lie...because it just makes your life harder. Be frank and always tell what you think because I know many people who fell to their own trap.

 And I hope you won't be one of them.

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