Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Antisocial or not?

People are still more and more antisocial.
Are you asking why?
It's easy. We have the Internet and I could tell that we already forgot how to really talk with people.
Yes , it's great when you want to talk with someone who lives far away from you ...or with someone abroad.

Why am I writing about this theme?
It's easy. Today my boyfriend told me that I should be more social.
He knows very well that if he wasn't there I wouldn't talk to anyone.
He's right. I really should be more talkative. But how...sometimes I feel that when people don't have the same interests as I do ...I have no reason to communicate with them...
but it's not right.
More like I don't want to talk is that I'm scared to start a conversation.

Because I'm afraid that I will be annoying.
Because I'm not sure if I'm not boring.
Because I just can't find any reason why should we chat.

This year we have an exchange student in our class. She's from America and I would really love to practice my english with her...
but the main problem is that...
when I start to talk with her she's rather on facebook or she just read something on the Internet through her cell phone.
Well, I don't mind it...but I feel really weird and I have a big fear to start a conversation again.
On the one hand I hate being so antisocial even though I'm doing it because I want.
On the other hand it's painful to be just a loner as I'm.
To be an observer who knows everything....but no one knows that you're really there.

This always happens to me. I'm at the class for the whole day.
And someone "Ah, you're at school? I didn't notice you."
Maybe I don't let them see but this really hurts inside.
To be just an....invisible background.

And I always miss my Internet Friends who lives far far away.

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