Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What is it?
The problem of some young girls...even some older women.
Why are people suffering from anorexia?

It's easy. This world isn't easy to live. We have to withstand lots of troubles.
Anxiety, despair, collisions, sweet delusions, hostile people, agony, distress and lots more.

All of them start to influence our behavior. For example my mom forced me to eat because she was desperate of amount which I ate.
Maybe you're asking why I picked anorexia.

Girls who don't eat anything because they're trying to lose some weight...or they just don't want to eat.

The answer is easy. I was really close to it but fortunately I avoid to it.
Even though I still don't eat much and people think that I'm insane or that I'm suffering of anorexia...
but it's hard to explain it when anyone doesn't want to understand.

I had some problems in my family and it reflected on my lifestyle. I had insomnia and a starting state of anorexia.

Well. Lots of people just succumb to stress and they overdo it. That's the main reson why today's young girls are suffering from anorexia.

But how should we stop it?
It's only up to people and the only thing I can advice to to stay strong. It doesn't matter how big is your problem. Important is to not really just on yourself ...but to find a person who will listen to you. A person who will be able judge the situation and gives you a good advice or a good idea what to do in situation you're in.

Don't give up.
First of all you have to take a proper care of you. And then you can solve all you want to.
But you wouldn't be able to move on if you forgot about yourself.

That's all I can say. I hope this article can help to someone.
I know how you feel because I got trought a mental anorexia.

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