Thursday, June 7, 2012

Masochism is a valuable job skill.

Well, so I'm staying at home another day.
My class is on a school trip so I have another amazing day-off.
It was really needed because I'm too tired recently, thanks to school.
But to be honest...I'm overworking myself more than at school...
...studying Japanese
....English Listening
....French translations
and so many things to do  but the day is as always too short for doing anything.

And also today I'm really oversenstive.
Do you know that feeling when you remember something? And just feel so empty inside?
Yesterday...or when it was...I remember my old friends...
And I realized how much I miss them...
but still I can do nothing with it because they're far away right now.

I somehow feel like I'm trapped in my past....
I wouldn't mind...
but I wish to people who are important to me ...stay there with me :)
Well that's all of my today's complaining...have a nice day. I guess I'm going for a walk outside even though I'm sick...
bu there's too nice weather not to use it.

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