Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Language Flower

Saying hello after a long time.
Did you miss me?
Well I had really a busy weekend so I didn't have time for anything.
Especially I overslept at my boyfriend's place so there was no chance to bother internet by my existence.

Also we had our performance last friday.
It was amazing and I really enjoyed recitation of my poem.
I recited it for three times...but I when the third time came I wasn't nervous at all.
Even though when my class was watching the second performance I can swear that they could have seen how much I was trembling.
But that doesn't matter...look what was our sweet reward!
It tasted amazing.Topping was marzipan and it was so yummy!

This week I also had an important task.
It was yesterday when our Englished teacher asked us...if we want her to continue being our teacher...or we want to have someone else...
well...it was up to me ...to inform her about our attitude to it...and it was hard to say it gently.
But I did it.
Well now I'm going to sleep. I'm staying at home tomorrow because I'm sick and also I don't have school at thursday and friday because they're on a school trip.
Three day-off. Such a a beautiful week!

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