Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday :)

So after a long long time I'm here again...
where have I been? Well I was sitting at home and resting because I streched my tendon and it was really irritating how I couldn't do anything only lying on my bed and waiting for my leg to be better.
I also had b-day two days ago and guess what? I will post my presents and some more photos :) because I haven't been here for a while.

And if you're asking how did I hurt myself it's easy. We went for a trip ...climbing...well I love climbing so it was amazing and on the way down I made a bed step on a straight part of our that's why I couldn't do anything for last two weeks but know have some photos.
my birth-day cake :)

me in my prom dress :)

my birth-day presents from Sayu my good friend from Bratislava :)
and presents which my boyfriend gave me :)
well I guess that's all for today and I hope I will put here more interesting article soon :)

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